Sunday, April 3, 2016

Polytron Attract Users OS Fira with SuperSoccer Impressions

Polytron Attract Users OS Fira with SuperSoccer Impressions

Fira OS, have the latest service TV Fira. Variety of entertainment presented to spoil the local operating system made by Polytron, among others SuperSoccer impressions.

 Polytron Attract Users OS Fira with SuperSoccer Impressions

Director PT Fira Roberto Hartono said, television is now officially released and can be accessed from the smartphone OS-based Polytron Fira.

"Fira-TV in design as channels of information and entertainment that can accompany any activity Fira OS users wherever and whenever they are," he said in a statement quoted on Sunday (04/03/2016).

Fira-view TV is available for 24 hours, so that it can entertain the users, both in the road, at home, in the office or in any available network to access the Internet. Users were promised no need to download an application, air-pay TV subscriptions or other similar services.

One of the main dish TV Fira which is also a mainstay Polytron attract more users interested in using OS Fira is SuperSoccer. Channel presents the television official Manchester United, MUTV for 24 hours.

"Fira Entertainment Services will still continue to develop, and we still continue to concoct a dish that we present so the service will not only be a complete service and rewarding, but also very different from entertainment offerings available today," said Roberto.

Fira, Android concoction Polytron, formally introduced earlier this year. Claimed Polytron, Fira present to meet the needs of the operating system that is tailored to consumer habits Indonesia.

This operating system is designed based on the concept SmartMobile Living so integrated with payment systems, information and entertainment services.

Almost all the latest models of smartphones can now enjoy the Polytron OS Fira Fira and of course a TV embedded in it. Some types of the smartphone include ZAP Series: 4G 551, 4G 501, 4G 550, 4G 500, 4G 450, Rocket Series: L 501, R2507, R2457, R2407, R2501, R2506, R2403, R2452, R2406, R2502, W7550 Lite , W6500, T7700 and R1500.

Skinny leg with the iPhone 6 So Trends Medsos

Skinny leg with the iPhone 6 So Trends Medsos

The women in China are excited to show off the new style appearance of the body in social media (medsos). They now like to post photos skinny legs are oddly juxtaposed with the iPhone 6.

Skinny leg with the iPhone 6 So Trends Medsos

In various medsos in China today is very easy to find photos of the iPhone 6 with a pair of skinny legs dangling and smooth. Thinner legs, the more praise. It is unclear what reason the iPhone 6 is juxtaposed with the feet, some have argued, the possibility of Apple's mobile phone was supposed to represent the image of something that appears slim, beautiful and elegant.

The photos seemed to show the iPhone 6 intentionally held upside down so that it appears the Apple logo, then placed on the knee. If you look at the styles berfotonya, photographs with the hashtag # iPhone6knees selfie is not the kind that can be taken alone, but need help from others to take them.

Various coloring response to this trend. As quoted from Ubergizmo, Sunday (04/03/2016), there is support, but not a few who blasphemes, and some regard it as a joke to meme.

Women in China seems indeed obsessed with physical appearance perfectly. Appear slim - even very thin - interpreted as a 'requirement' physically perfect for them, so it is important to show it off in medsos.

Some time ago, among women in China circulated a similar trend was also obsessed with the mindset of 'thin is beautiful' by posting a photo of the body was in the back of A4 paper. Body width not exceeding A4 paper into just how slim their body size.

Also Uber chaotic protests occurred in Brazil

Also Uber chaotic protests occurred in Brazil

Protests against the presence of Uber as is well known not only in Indonesia, but also many countries. The latest is in Brazil.

Also Uber chaotic protests occurred in Brazil

Quoted by AFP on Sunday (03/04/2016), the conventional taxi drivers in Brazil protested by closing a number of main roads in Rio de Janeiro, Friday (01/04/2016) local time.

Similar to what happened in Jakarta some time ago, some taxi drivers are still in operation, to be killed by those who march. Severe congestion and chaos was inevitable due to the action of this demonstration.

Attributes demonstration yellow dominate the situation, given the conventional taxi company's largest and most iconic in Rio de Janeiro is known with this color.

The conventional cab driver called the Uber illegal and asked for ride sharing services are to pull out of Brazil. They are also protesting that Uber makes their income has dropped dramatically.

One of the protesters argue, Uber cheat because of the low rates the flagship entice consumers because they obey the rules of the cost requirements such as training, insurance, and security.

Uber itself does not have a business license in Brazil. However, enterprise applications from the United States can still be operated under the auspices of the court decision.

Egypt reasons Block Internet Internet Facebook

Egypt reasons Block Internet Internet Facebook

The Egyptian government officially blocked the Free Basics or free Internet services Facebook in December 2015 without a detailed explanation of the reason.

Egypt reasons Block Internet Internet Facebook

Later, unknown reason for blocking Free Basics is because Facebook refused the government's request to access the user lurk. Facebook insisted enforce their privacy policies.

But the Egyptian government sources reveal this information does not explain what kind of access like what the government wants the country Pyramid.

Confirmed on this matter, a spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Communications Mohamed Hanafi declined to comment. He still gives the same information with ever explained last December.

"This service offers free access for consumers. Regulatory national telecommunications policy see this service jeopardize the company and their competitors," he said.

Facebook was reluctant to comment on the report. The social networking giant just mentioned, Free Basics has nearly three million users in Egypt since its launch in October. As many as 1 million of whom are those who do not have internet access.

Quoted from Tech Times, Sunday (04/03/2016), Free Basics was launched in Egypt in October. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the service is targeting internet users who have not been touched.

In cooperation with local telecom operators, Facebook allows users with an inexpensive device, can create a Facebook account and access a number of internet service for free.

The Egyptian government had to postpone the service on December 30 and said that the operator Etisalat were only given temporary permission to offer the service for two months. This issue led to the blocking of total Free Basics in Egypt.